Day 32-Quarantine Day #12

“Always leave people better than when you met them..” -Unknown

I don’t remember where I acquired that quote from but I have made it my mission in life since I heard it and to try to reach that bar..that bar of making people better than they were before they met me..even if it wasn’t or isn’t always reciprocated..why do I and many others out there have this gene in them..its literally in our DNA to have a soft spot for people ESPECIALLY those in has it been to my detriment half times..yes (I’ll get into my savior complex later..) but that other half..I’m talking literally 50% make me proud to be that way..I feel we all have something to offer others..and mine may very well be the openness to share my journey…but for those that I can touch, I always try to show up as the best version of myself so that I can be good to those that I not only love but those that need it the most…I know how it feels to be alone and to feel like you don’t have anyone in your corner so any encouragement and optimism I can give I am there..for I want everyone to always be operating at the best versions of themselves and if there is anything that I can do within myself to encourage that I do…even if it leaves me depleted and empty..I do..

But on my journey is what I am learning is that those that appreciate it will always let you know they do and for that you can always be proud that you made an impact in another person’s life for “The highest human act is to INSPIRE” and that was no truer words spoken by the late great Nipsey Hussle..So thats what I strive to do optimism..even when it gets dark for me myself..offer a friendly word, a listening ear, and a shoulder to cry on…we all need inspiration I can do my best to provide that to whomever crosses my path..THAT’s within my control and the cost is free!